Here at Our Lancashire we want you to enjoy participating in groups and attending community events, we love Lancashire.  Although we have only recently formed we have been working hard to get out and about to support groups and encourage people to network and get engaged.

We are fully aware of the challenges that the current public health crisis brings and are working with groups and public services across Lancashire to assist in the response effort and keep people safe.  We will be looking to capture all the good work that groups are doing across Lancashire to support people in need and will be looking to support them in this along with linking in with the public service group tasked with coordinating the volunteer effort.

Although we will continue to publicise groups, events and some local services it is also wise for you to be aware of guidance issued by Public Health England and consider this in your daily activity.  Going forward we are concentrating our efforts in supporting those who are vulnerable as a result of the crisis and to support those groups that are wanting to help.