Why joining a group can be good for your mental health

Whether you’re older or younger, your mental health is important to look after. It can sometimes be difficult to know how to do this however, especially if you feel isolated or lack confidence. A great starting point for improving your mental health is to join a local club or team that you think might interest you.

Sometimes we miss out on enjoyment in life due to everyday stresses, from money worries to job anxieties, but having a balance is essential to ensuring our mental health remains positive. We’ve outlined some great reasons why joining a group can be beneficial for your mental health.

Joining a social group of sports team can connect you with others

If you’ve been feeling isolated, for whatever reason, whether that’s from health problems, mental health conditions, or just a lack of confidence, joining a group, club, or team can help to connect you with others. These individuals may even have the same interests and hobbies as you, making it easier to integrate with them and develop friendships and relationships.

Connecting with other people, not just over the internet, is a brilliant way to improve your mental health, especially if you’re all working towards the same goal – from building strength at a boxing club to helping older people in a volunteering session. Getting involved in the same activity as others can really help you connect and engage with them.


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It can be a great form of physical and mental exercise

Whether you’re looking to join a sports team or a hobby club, it can be a great form of physical and / or mental exercise. If you’re getting tired of the same old routine at the gym for instance, a sports team can challenge your physical capabilities, and encourage you to push yourself further. If you’re looking to learn new skills, joining a baking group or art club, can give you the chance to discover what you really enjoy, whilst challenging your mental skills too.

Sports clubs also have a great social aspect to them as well, so not only will you be exercising physically, you’ll also be making new friends and expanding your social network. If you’re not used to exercising, many sports teams and clubs make it feel like you’re not even exercising at all, and simply having fun with those around you.

You can enjoy activities you might not have done for years

Were you a keen footballer as a youth? Or maybe you participated in dance competitions? Perhaps you were a dab hand with a paint brush, but just don’t think you have the time now? Joining a club or team as an adult can help you enjoy those activities you may have done previously, providing you with a new lease of life, and improving your overall mental health.

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Start to expand your friendship and support groups

As adults, some of us may find it more difficult to make friends, whether that’s because we don’t think we have the time or we don’t have the confidence that we did when we were younger – you could simply walk up to another child, ask them to play, and that was it. But things aren’t as simple as that when you become an adult – but they should be. When you join a social club or sports team, you automatically expand your friendship circle with like-minded people. You already have one interest in common, whether that’s playing football, baking, or board games, and then the friendship can flourish from there.

With more social interaction, you’ll find your mental health will improve and you’ll have more individuals to discuss your worries and concerns with – you might even discover they have some of the same anxieties. This allows you to open up and bond, share your thoughts and feelings, and having a support group there to talk to when you might be feeling down or low.

Network and enhance your career

For many of us, our mental health is greatly affected by our careers or jobs. Money stress or unfulfillment can lead to us feeling low and unhappy about where we’re going in life. Joining a club or team that allows you to learn a new skill or network with different individuals, can help with your career and job prospects. Maybe you’ve been out of work for a while and are looking to find a job again; joining a social team can provide you with access to people that own businesses or know of job openings. Sometimes this can be more effective than trawling job sites. This can help improve your mental health dramatically, providing you with a sense of purpose, increase your confidence, and encourage you to talk to new people.

If you own a business, joining a team or club can open up your company’s network, meeting like-minded individuals and showcasing your offering to new people.

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Improve social skills and feel more confident in yourself

If you struggle to approach new people or talk within a group, joining a team can be a great starting point to improve your social skills and gain confidence. For many of us, it’s the fear of trying something new or being around different people that can hold us back. Joining a club that offers something you’re interested in, such as reading or computer games, can give you that boost of confidence you need to start trying new things and expanding your social circles.

Stress relief

Whether it’s yoga or hiking, joining a team or group can be a massive stress relief from our regular daily activities. Physical exercise, in particular, can release endorphins that leave you feeling happy and content. But remember, even those activities that aren’t as strenuous on the body, such as book clubs and knitting, can you provide you with great stress relief. Spending time with others, discussing topics that interest you, and taking a break from the routine of normal, everyday life, can relieve your tension and help you to relax.

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If you’re looking to join a group in Lancashire, or maybe even start your own up, take a look at how to do this via our website.