What are the benefits of playing a team sport?

Joining a sports team at any age can be daunting, but there are so many benefits to be gained from getting involved. If you enjoy watching live sport or on television, maybe it’s time to try out a few of your favourites? If you don’t know where to start, use the Our Lancashire Group Finder, to discover something new in your area. Below, we’ve outlined some of the key benefits of playing a team sport.

benefits of playing a team sport football team

Increased sense of belonging

Being part of a team provides you with a sense of belonging, especially if you’ve been having feelings of loneliness or helplessness. Suddenly you become part of something, a collective group, who are all working towards the same goal. This is especially significant for a sports team, where you have to work together and help each other out. Although some individuals may be more experienced and skilled than others, without each and every member, the goal would take far longer to reach. In a sense, you are relied upon by your teammates, as you rely upon them.

There’s also a great feeling of togetherness within sports teams. You may train a couple of times a week and then play a match or tournament. This builds trust quickly and your teammates will often communicate with you outside of training hours, developing friendships that can last a lifetime.

Improve problem-solving skills

Working as a team is important when you’re part of a sports club. Although you’re there to have fun and make friends, often the aim will be to start partaking in competitions and games. Working through problems and weaknesses in your team is crucial to the success of the club. Your teammates will work with you to help solve problems, as you’re all working towards a common goal. Learning how to problem solve in a sports team will allow you to build these skills for other parts of your life, such as relationships and work.

Improve social and ‘people skills’ 

Playing a team sport can help you improve your social skills, sometimes known as ‘people skills’. If you ever feel anxious or nervous in social situations, becoming involved in a team or club allows you to overcome those feelings and face them head on. Not only will you receive praise and encouragement from your fellow teammates, you can also provide them with the same affirmations. It also allows you to improve your communication skills, building better and stronger relationships. This opens up a world of opportunities for you, allowing you to take what you’ve learnt and built upon within your sport, into job interviews and the workplace.

Boost self-esteem

You might not think you belong in a sports team, particularly if it isn’t something you’ve tried before, or perhaps you’re not naturally athletic. The great thing about sports teams is that they require all different types of people, with lots of different skills. You can also learn from your teammates and build confidence in your talents. Your training sessions are there for a reason; to train, learn new skills, and develop team tactics. Use this time to work on your skills and build your self-esteem. It won’t be long before you feel confident enough to participate in matches or tournaments, and even help new members when they start out.

Not only will your self-esteem increase for your chosen sport, but these feelings can help build your confidence outside of the team. Becoming more vocal on the pitch may allow you to become more confident in your workplace, voicing your opinion more often. This will help you achieve more and reach your goals.

Improve communication skills

You don’t have to be the loudest on a sports team, but you do need to be able to communicate effectively. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t understand something or need to run through a tactic again – in fact, do this as often as you like, as it will ensure you know exactly what you’re doing, and improve your communication skills. It may also help others to speak up too.

Improve mental health and stress

Physical activity is a great way to improve your mental health and relieve stress. Doing this in a team environment can help even more with this as well. Being around others and talking on a regular basis is great for your mind. Many sports teams are very close and eager to help individuals on their team prosper and thrive. Speak up and talk to others if you’re feeling low. You can also keep an eye on other teammates who may not be at training as often as usual; just checking in on someone can do them the world of good.

Improve physical health

Joining a sports team can also improve your physical health, ensuring you’re moving about more than usual. Keeping to a regular exercise schedule can be difficult, but by joining a team, you know when your training sessions will be. Even if you don’t feel ready to play matches yet, regularly training and keeping in touch with your teammates is a great way to boost your confidence and maintain fitness. 

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