From the 15th-21st November 2021, it’s National Alcohol Awareness Week.

It provides an opportunity to spread awareness, and to share resources on helpful support groups and ways to get help. So that’s we’ve shared some key resources and groups below, for those who may be seeking support for themselves, or someone close to them.


Alcoholics Anonymous on BBC Radio Lancashire

On the Thursday 18th November, Alcoholics Anonymous are hosting a three hour show on BBC Radio Lancashire from 7pm-10pm, where six members will be sharing their experiences around recovery from alcohol addiction. They only host this special feature once a year and are hoping to help more people understand who they are, why we do what they do, and ultimately how they can recover. Make sure to tune in on Thursday if you want to find out more.


CASH (Care, Advise, Support, Help)

Based in Blackburn, BwD Carers service don’t only support carers of those with an illness or disability, they also help those caring for someone with an alcohol and or drug addiction. When it comes to talking about addiction it can be a difficult subject; which is why they have set up the CASH group to support the carer or loved one affected by addiction. They also have a six week course designed to support you the carer. To find out more, visit their page here.


How to set up a group committeeRed Rose Recovery – Families Matter Meeting Online

Based in Preston, RRR provide a network of support throughout your journey and beyond. In short, they are there for you whenever you need them. The Families Matter space is for family members who have lived with or suffer from a loved ones addiction, so they can all come together to share their experience. They run online meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and you can find the details to join on the pages linked above.


Fingerprints Recovery (Alcohol Recovery Groups)

Based in Blackpool, Fingerprints Recovery is a peer-led alcohol recovery group for individuals who are in recovery and are alcohol free. All members are survivors of alcohol addiction or dependency, and the peer supporters helping to run the groups are also survivors of alcohol addiction. One to one peer mentoring is available with the group and they also run online sessions, so if you would like to find out more click here.


Men’s Den

Based in Pendle, Men’s Den is a group that supports men with mental health, addiction, or any other issue causing anxiety and stress. they aim to help improve and encourage relationships and reduce isolation. They do everything from talking, to playing darts and pool, listening to music, and even arrange other activities such as football. If you would like to find out more about this group, click here.


We have so many more alcohol and addiction support groups available on our groups page, so if you want to find more resources available in your area click here and select ‘Support’ from the Groups filter on the left hand side.