Purple Pantry

The Purple Pantry is a food outlet that provides high quality food via a simple membership scheme. Membership is open to all Community Gateway Tenants regardless of where they live and any non-CGA tenant living on the Moor Nook Estate.

What we do:

We understand that many of our customers find it difficult to afford their weekly food bills, or have to stick to buying a limited range or “value” items. Many turn to foodbanks who provide a fantastic service for people in crisis. However, often the foodbanks can only provide three days of emergency food and put limits on how often you can use them. We often find too that the food parcels may include things you don’t need or want, leading to unnecessary food waste. Research shows us that over four-fifths of people using foodbanks are from working households. On top of this, it is clear that many of those who turn to foodbanks to feed their families would much rather go to a shop, but simply cannot afford the prices.


CGA want to try and bridge the gap between the foodbank and the supermarket. We believe we are an affordable alternative.


If you are interested in this group please contact:

Name: Jackie Bird
Email: jackie.bird@communitygateway.co.uk
Phone: 0800 953 0213

Cost: £5.00 membership Per Week

Can I just turn up? Yes


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This Groups location is:

Moor Nook Central, Langden Drive, Preston, Lancashire, FY2 6HT

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Moor Nook Central, Langden Drive, Preston, Lancashire, FY2 6HT

Group Events:

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