North Lancashire Wildlife Group

NLWG is a local group of Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Outdoor meetings are usually held within 20 miles of Lancaster. Our aim is to share our knowledge of wildlife by learning from each other & from experts, surveying activities like bug counts & recording wildlife sightings to help target conservation efforts by contributing to national recording schemes.
We’re a friendly & inclusive group; all are welcome, no experience is necessary.

What we do:

We have scheduled ten outdoor activities from April this year for which there is no charge. These enjoyable nature-spotting walks & recording surveys are planned & led by our members. They're held on different days of the week and are usually all day or afternoon events. Showcasing what we do, our 2022 annual magazine consists of 60 A4 pages with over 200 colour wildlife photos in more than 40 reports & articles, all celebrating our wonderful local wildlife. From Botany to Birds and Mammals to Moths, and a lot more in between, there is something for everyone. Our magazine is available roughly at cost price from the editor, details on our website - - where you can see the full Contents along with small sample images.


Summer programme of wildlife walks & recording surveys (we have ten planned from April to October this year). Publication of annual magazine full of wildlife articles and photos - see for details. Winter indoor talks when possible.


If you are interested in this group please contact:

Name: Belinda
Phone: 07361 380255

Cost: Free

Can I just turn up? Yes

Mininum age group: 16

Maximum age group: 120


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This Groups location is:

Torrisholme Church of the Ascension (winter meetings only), Michaelson Avenue, Torrisholme, Lancashire, LA4 6RH

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Torrisholme Church of the Ascension (winter meetings only), Michaelson Avenue, Torrisholme, Lancashire, LA4 6RH

Group Events:

  • 11/09/2022

    Tree Identification in Williamson Park and Fenham Carr, Lancaster

    There are around 50 broadleaved and conifer tree species living in Williamson Park’s 54 acres. We’ll be focusing mainly on native species and others you can expect to encounter in the countryside. Martin will explain how to distinguish between superficially similar species such as Alder & Hazel, Field Maple & Hawthorn and he’ll give us… Read more »

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  • 25/08/2022

    Flowers and Insects at Smardale Gill

    We’ll be walking along the disused railway track with opportunities to explore side paths. The main track is accessible for those with a physical disability, but we will probably walk 3 or 4 km over the day. We hope that the highlight will be the Scotch Argus butterfly, but there should be some late wildflowers… Read more »

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