East Lancashire RAYNET

Resilient communications for agencies when it matters most.
Established over 60 years from the need to supply critical communications in a disaster, RAYNET still provide services where communications are overloaded or non-existent. Technology has changed radically, but so too the threats and vulnerabilities to communications taken for granted. In meeting the needs of post 9/11 emergency planners or Civil Contingencies Teams, we can provide resilient communication networks, both voice and data.

What we do:

Many agencies have their own communications networks, adequate for most occasions. However, telephones and electricity systems fail and neither are available in remote areas. With roots in amateur radio, we can provide voice and data communications beyond the normal range of CB or licence-free radios, over difficult terrain and without mains. Our operators are trained to prioritise messages and follow message handling procedures to avoid chaos. We are able to set up an independent emergency communications network in a matter of hours, or can provide a pre-planned temporary network to suit a one-off event. We can provide radio operators at fixed positions, in vehicles or send data including images and TV.


Create and operate radio networks for voice and data, on behalf of category 1 or 2 responders (Civil Contingencies Act 2004), government agencies or other voluntary agencies such as British Red Cross Society, St John Ambulance or Salvation Army.


If you are interested in this group please contact:

Name: Nick Isherwood
Email: nick.isherwood@raynet-uk.net
Phone: 07973416529

Cost: Free

Can I just turn up? Please contact the group before visiting.

Mininum age group: 18

Maximum age group: 110



This Groups location is:

41, Livingstone Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 6NE

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41, Livingstone Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 6NE

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