Our Lancashire staff are now working in community hubs across the County alongside Lancashire County Council to help coordinate support for those in need. If you are a group or organisation that is helping to support vulnerable people at this difficult time please join Our Lancashire or contact your local Community Engagement Officer and let them know what support you can offer.

Click on your local area in the list below for contact details of your local community hub:


Lancashire Volunteer Partnership are looking for people willing  to volunteer as a Telephone Befriender, this involves committing to calling one, two or more people, to see how they are doing, and to help reduce loneliness and feelings of isolation and reassure people in these difficult times. Click here to access the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership website. You can join some of the 5,000 volunteers that already give up their time to support partner organisations across Lancashire.

If you feel isolated, vulnerable and in need of volunteer support you can fill out a community support referral form and a member of the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership will contact you.