Our very own Janette is the Community Engagement Officer (CEO) for Burnley and Rossendale.

Janette has been with us from the very beginning and loves to know what’s going on in her area. Some would say she’s nosey, but we call it ‘being in the know’. If there’s an opportunity, Janette will know about it!

Just in case you’re in a position to brew up… normally it’s, tea, white, no sugar – she’s already sweet enough.


Nickname: Nettie

Started working at Our Lancashire: February 2020

Favourite thing about being a CEO: Getting out and about in the local community and visiting lots of interesting groups

Star sign: Taurus

Hobbies and interests: Reading, walking and gym classes

Favourite place in Lancashire: Anywhere in the countryside

Interesting fact about Janette: She likes to eat Weetabix and butter… as the saying goes ‘don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it’.


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Burnley & Rossendale – February edition

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GET IN TOUCH – Contact Janette at janette.holden@lancashire.gov.uk or call 07779971966