Our Lancashire and guests met together on Thursday 9th July –  2pm – 3pm, for a conversation about PR and Marketing in the charity and voluntary sector.

Making ourselves known often underpins everything else we want to achieve. Are we doing everything we should be to promote what we do in our community? Here are some highlights from the discussion:

  • Think about how we recognise and take advantage of opportunities for promotion.
  • Look at what works well, and importantly what doesn’t.
  • Consider what tools are available to help us
  • Explore the advantage of a good social media strategy

Marketing and PR often sounds like something best left to big business, but having a clear message is an essential part of communications across all community groups and charitable organisations.

KLo’s tips
 We are marketing to the people in our circle all the time without realising it. And our circles have grown as we’ve communicated more with neighbours this year.

  • How we talk and engage with people has and will change as a result of the pandemic. Be confident to change your strategy and message, and make negative situations into positives.
  • The opportunity to bring together your passions and interests makes the message you convey more engaging. If you’re excited about your group, event, or organisation it will come across to your audience.
  • We’re not selling a service, we looking to create emotive pictures in people’s minds.
  •  You can’t put a price on changing someone’s life.

Dot’s Tips

  • Adapting to changing circumstances means you have to explore lots of ideas. Ones you expect to work well may fail, and others that seem crazy might just end up going global. Be open to opportunities.
  • Word of mouth can be all that’s needed when people are excited about what you do.
  • Borrow good ideas and adapt them to suit your circumstances. Word of mouth can be all that’s needed when people are excited about what you do.

Note: After watching Dot speak – passion and enthusiasm count for so much! Watch this snapshot here

Rob’s Tips

  • Video is currently the most effective way to engage with your audience.
  • Know both your audience and what your message is.
  • Marketing is simply communicating what you want to say. The better you do that, the more effective it will be.
  • Use social media to grow your networks and reach more people.
  • It’s all about the human touch and personal connection.

Remember! No one will know what you’re doing unless you tell them. Working collaboratively with other groups where you can mutually share your ideas and campaigns can immediately double your audience.

On Thursday 16th July –  2pm – 3pm, we’ll be having a conversation about funding applications, what to expect, and how to improve your chances.

Funding applications are rarely fun. With so many organisations competing for a share of the pot, the process can be long, complicated, and even the best applications have no guarantee of success. Join in the discussion and learn more tricks to make it stand out and the traps you want to avoid.

In this session we will;

  • think about how to use the right language to sell your idea
  • look at how you can best demonstrate that you meet the application criteria.
  • consider what else is often required when submitting an application.
  • explore common pitfalls and mistakes.

Please register your place here through Eventbrite.